Full Moon Cacao Ceremony 

at *The Womb* in Boone, NC

Saturday November 4th 12pm-4pm

Confirm your place in ceremony with $15 deposit through the Payments page on Bloom's website: www.BloomPost.com.
Total Energetic Exchange is sliding scale $58 - $108 (includes deposit).

Directions and detailed information sent to those who confirm with deposit.

Drinking raw, ceremonial-grade cacao from Costa Rica (https://www.facebook.com/cacaomagicostarica/), the magic and medicine of the circle is created by the energy of the group and is a highly transformational experience. Inspired by the energy of the circle, this ceremony includes shamanic journeying, personal healings and blessings, sacred medicine songs, sharing, activations and much more. Participants will also meet the plant spirit of Cacao in order to create a personal relationship with this heart-opening medicine.

This is a sacred plant medicine ceremony utilizing heart-opening and 3rd-eye activating sacred Cacao. We will dive deep, connecting with personal guides, ancestors, plant devas, star beings, and more.

Cacao has been used for millennia as a food and antidote to a vast array of health issues. It has also been used ceremonially by the ancient Meso-americans in conjunction with other plants and rituals.

For those with medical conditions, heart issues, or taking anti-depressants, you may join us in ceremony though you will not want to drink a full ceremonial dose.

About Bloom
Bloom Post is a shamanic healer, ceremonialist, teacher and author who walks between worlds to receive information, insights and guidance, in order to empower healing and transformation. Bloom lives near Asheville, North Carolina, and is author of the books “Shaman’s Toolbox: Practical Tools for Powerful Transformation," and "Plant Spirit Totems." Bloom has studied across the U.S. as well as India and Peru, and some of her teachers have included an Appalachian Seer, Native American elders, Peruvian Paqos, Maestro Ayahuasceros, Buddhist monks and nuns, and Hindu Swamis.

In 2012, Bloom studied with the sacred medicine of Cacao with a Chocolate Shaman in Guatemala, and regularly shares cacao ceremony, as well as other plant medicine ceremonies.

Bloom has received initiations in Tobacco medicine and the Hatun Karpay of the Andean Q’ero, and is a Reiki Master Teacher. She also received her Yoga Teacher Certification in India in 2006.