...and the day came 

when the risk it took

to remain tight in the bud

was greater than the risk it took

to blossom


~ anais nin

What's New? 

I am now offerings one-on-one sessions over Zoom so that I can connect with you no matter where you are in the world to support you on your journey towards greater

authenticity and wholeness!

With the exception of hands-on touch, Zoom sessions include ALL aspects of my in-person sessions: 

body-based awareness practices

intuitive insights and clearings

somato-emotional release

holistic coaching and gestalt process therapy

nurturing presence and deep listening

distance craniosacral therapy

shadow transformation work

authentic communication skills training

ceremony and ritual

card readings

expressive arts processes

and so much more! 

To launch my new Zoom platform I have created a special New Year's offering called


Intentional Beginnings is a package of three 1hour private sessions designed to catapult you into this new year with Crystal Clarity, Aligned Intention, and an Empowered Action plan that will make this year the most fulfilling year of your life! 


Click here to find out more!!!

Intentional Beginnings.png

 relax and unwind ...

Discover the healing power of gentle touch ...

Embrace your unique light and

let it shine ...