Distance Healing 


If you have had in-person sessions with me, you are probably wondering how this can possibly work without being in physical presence. Whenever I am working with my clients in an in-person Craniosacral session, I am engaging with the fascia and connective tissue. I also know that I am connecting on a very energetic, conscious and subconscious way with my client.

Everything is energy and we are all connected. All living things – people, animals, plants and even individual cells have an energetic signature or biofield and each is a part of the earth’s energetic field and the greater surrounding universal field. Distance healing works because we are all energetically connected. We are interdependent and we are interconnected.

​The rhythms of the natural world surround us and permeate our very being. As living beings, born of the natural world, our physiology is nurtured by the rhythms of the natural world and we depend upon them for our health and well-being. We are all dependent on the universal field - the natural energetic rhythms in our bodies that govern our life processes resonate with the universal field.

Since the 1970s, it has been recognized that particles that occupy the same quantum state remain interconnected at any distance. They are said to perceive each other, no matter how far removed they are from each other in space or in time. This is known as quantum entanglement. Interconnection between organisms who are entangled, such as the therapist and the patient, constitutes a special kind of perception, as the therapist receives information at a quantum level from and about the patient, regardless of the physical distance that separates them. 

Patients who have received Craniosacral Therapy in-person and who have also received Distance Healing report that a distance session feels very much like an in-person Craniosacral session. They report feeling structural changes, sensations and movements of body tissue during the distance session that are similar to what they experienced when my hands were on them performing an in-person session. Just as it does during an in-person session, the patient’s nervous system regulates and calms down, bringing rest and relaxation to the body and mind. Patients report that they receive the same benefits during a Distance Healing session, with the same ease and rapidity as in a Craniosacral session in-person – some even express a preference for Distance Healing sessions over in-person Craniosacral sessions. You may feel our Distance Healing Craniosacral session is even stronger than when we are both physically present on location.

 Some reasons you may want to consider Distance Healing Craniosacral Therapy:

  • You like being in the safety and comfort of your own home.

  • You have a physical disability or live too far away.

  • You feel self-conscious or inhibited in your expression in the physical presence of another person.

    • (Intense releases can take place during sessions, such as crying, trembling, shaking, moving dynamically through arms and legs, etc.)

  • You like to relax in an undisturbed meditative space after the session finishes to allow for the session to continue, instead of needing to get up and drive home.

What are some of the signs that you are in the session?

If you already had an exposure to Craniosacral work, then you might experience some of the sensations, feeling tones, emotional and physiological shifts that you already know from our in-person sessions. For example:


  • You might slowly drift out of active thinking and fall into a dream-like meditative state of awareness.

  • You might notice changes in your breath, such as deep exhalations, very long inhalations, or long pauses in your breath.

  • As your nervous system shifts and rebalances, it might discharge with a few jerks throughout your arms and legs.

  • The perception of your body weight might change, such as feeling very light, almost weight-less, or the opposite - very heavy. The perception of the size of your body might change - you might feel tall like a giant, or tiny as a baby.

  • You might start getting various physical sensations such as pulsations, release of heat, something pricking, crawling, or flowing - all signs that the body has engaged in the self-healing process.

  • You might begin to feel an inner awareness and feel yourself letting go. You may see images or hear sounds that have a special meaning.

  • Your usual perception of reality might slowly change as you are guided by the deep healing forces from within your subconscious.

How do we set up for the session, and how long does the session take?

Distance Healing sessions take place over the phone; I will be in my treatment room connecting with you through our phones with the speaker of our phones on, as we move through the session.


Prior to the session, we agree on a date and time over the phone, an email or text message. At the beginning time of our session you will call me on the phone and we will begin with a check-in process, where you describe how you are feeling and what might be coming up for you. I will also ask you to state your intention for our session. At that point we can begin the session work.



You will lie down somewhere comfortably, in a place where you feel safe and will be un-disturbed for one hour.



The phone remains next to you on speaker mode so that we can continue the dialogue as the energy work is happening. During that time, I will be connecting to you and accompanying you through your healing journey and talk you through what is arising in my perception.


We will be both tuning in to what is present in your inner space. The session concludes when I feel that the healing process that commenced is complete and self-sustaining.

We will close with an integration debrief, a session impression exchange where you have the opportunity to share what you noticed throughout the session and I will offer any further awarenesses or insights that came through for me. 

After we end, you get to remain comfortably relaxed in your own space, allowing the work of the session to continue, settle, and integrate further. One of the biggest perks of Distance Healing is that when we are done, you are already home! 

Distance Healing sessions are $80 and last approximately 1hr​.  Payment can be made via credit card, Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle. 





















02:30 PM

* Please request your ideal date and time and I will respond with my availability. 


Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle and profoundly effective treatment for the physical and emotional release of pain and tensions held deep within your body,  based on the idea that each patient's body contains the necessary information to uncover the underlying cause of any health problem. The therapist communicates with the patient's body to obtain this information and helps facilitate the patient's own self-healing processes.

Craniosacral Therapy addresses the source of physical and energetic restrictions, tensions and holding patterns in the soft tissues surrounding the central nervous system through listening to the intelligent pulse of the cerebrospinal fluid, and facilitating your body's inner wisdom to gently and deeply re-align for optimal health and well-being.

Craniosacral Therapy works with your entire structure, physiology, mind, and spirit to expand the range of healing, integration, and release.

The deep and subtle work of Craniosacral Therapy can have a much more lasting and transformative effect than other forms of bodywork because it is not something being 'done to' your body, rather it is working in collaboration with your nervous system and the energetic systems of your body through listening, allowing, and supporting your tissues in unwinding themselves from the inside out.

Iona is a certified Holistic Life Coach and trained Gestalt Process therapist and incorporates these practices into dialoguing with your body ~ addressing and releasing energetic blockages, emotional holding patterns, and psychological belief systems that are no longer serving you. Iona also incorporates reiki energy work, sacred song, vibrational sound healing, and chakra alignment into each session to further support your healing and integration.


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