Are you a healer, a therapist, a facilitator, or a coach who is

ready to break through to the next level of fulfillment in your work?

Are you tired of feeling burnt-out, overwhelmed, and over-extended?


Do you want to feel inspired EVERY day by what you are offering to the world?

Are you looking for new ways to cultivate clarity, alignment, and satisfaction in your life, work, and relationships? 

If you've answered YES! to any of these questions then I invite you 

to join me for Intentional Beginnings 

This special offering of private coaching sessions is carefully designed to catapult you into the 

New Year with Crystal Clarity, Aligned Intention, and an Empowered Action plan that will make this year the most fulfilling year of your life!  

clarify your desires

focus your intentions

align with your highest good

call in your deepest fulfillment 

receive loving support and guidance

establish lasting accountability systems

that will serve you all year long!


About Your Facilitator

Iona Jones is a devoted explorer of intimacy and expansion, within herself and in connection to others. She has been leading women's groups and sistership circles for over 8 years, focusing on ritual, ceremony, and authentic sharing.


From 2007 to 2014 Iona lived and worked at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA, apprenticing under many different master teachers in the fields of Somatic Psychology and Integrative Bodywork. After studying a variety of healing modalities including Esalen Massage, Feldenkrais, Cortical Field Re-education, Reiki, and Shamanic healing, Iona trained through the Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching with Alan Cohen, and became a facilitator of Authentic Relating and Circling practices. 

Iona is passionate about empowering others to find their inner beacon, express their truth, believe in their worth, take responsibility for their choices, embrace their power, and pursue their wildest dreams! 

"Right away I felt at ease working with Iona. She held space for me as I tapped in to deep parts of myself that I hadn't been able to reach on my own. She instantly tuned in to what I needed in the moment and held sacred and safe space for me throughout our session. Iona was loving and kind and she met me exactly where I was. I trust her as a partner and guide in navigating the deeper waters of my conditioning and beliefs." 

~ Sarah

"I love how Iona created a sacred space and a clear intention for the session. 

I really felt her deep listening and positive supportive presence caring about me and my process. I appreciated the non-judgemental, non-prescriptive approach that didn't attempt to "fix" but rather explored where I was at in the moment. It was healing just to have someone there listening and supportive who had no particular agenda or attachment to the outcome. 

She asked me thoughtful questions that helped to cultivate meaningful direction, gain clarity out of the experience, and make positive movement forward through accepting and integrating my emotions. A little support goes a long way when processing deep and important life issues."

~ Caressa

"Iona helped me to create actionable steps on my path of healing, I was able to let go of energetic stagnation, and now I am shining bright! Iona’s energy and words created a safe space for me to become vulnerable, which was exactly what I needed. At the end of my session, I felt clarity and a strong sense of grounding within myself. The mantra that came up during our session is already gently guiding me as I move forward. Thank you!!"

~ Rebecca

So... What exactly will we be doing? 

There are many tools in my toolbox, and I will draw upon all of them to best support YOU! 

My goal is to support you in piercing through the veil of whatever is keeping you from living out loud your fullest and most vibrant truth! I am here to guide you deeper into your own knowing, to find your inspiration and to enliven your practice so that you are not only sustaining ~ but THRIVING! 

Guided Visualization to Connect with Higher Self

Embodiment Meditations to Activate Your Power Centers 


Oracle Card Readings and Intuitive Insights


Somato-Emotional Release Work


Inner Beacon Coaching and Gestalt Process Therapy


Distance Craniosacral Therapy


Shadow Transformation Work


Authentic Communication Skills Training


Ceremony and Ritual


Energy Clearing and Cord Cutting 


Expressive Arts Exercises


Vision Board Collage Creation Guidance


Power Animal Allies Cultivation 


Practical Tools, Strategies, and Action Plans for Building your Business

and so much more! 


Are you ready to say YES to yourself? 

Schedule your FREE 20 minute Clarity Session!


I'm looking forward to creating intentional beginnings with you! 



"Iona has the rare and exceptional gift as a facilitator to hold the energy in sacred and safe space. She is positive, authentic, and open-hearted in a way that draws you out to connect to  yourself on a deeper level. I highly recommend everything she does!"

~ Ionsul

“Iona was able to get to the root of my struggle, help me re-frame my thinking, and look at things in a different light. I could tell she was really getting me somewhere because I was a little defensive and combative at times and that lets me know that there is really something in my way.I feel like I gained a new perspective on my goals during my session with Iona, and I have already changed my self talk and self work around the issues I brought up.

That is truly invaluable."

~ Grace

"I have attended quite a few workshops with Iona and have had a private session with her as well. I have walked away from all of those experiences feeling that I had learned more about myself as well as those around me. Iona is a breath of fresh air, I highly recommend the experience to all!"

~ S.K.

"Iona Jones' energy and presence are deeply supportive in co-creating safe brave spaces where we can grow and thrive."

~ R.W.