Nurture Your Womb Journey


~ Listen ~

first in a Three Phase Journey facilitated by  

Iona Jones and Noelle Austin

Sunday August 13th

10am ~ 6pm

Boone, NC


* Do you desire to cultivate a conscious connection with your body?

* Would you like a deeper relationship with your sensual/sexual/creative self?

* Are you curious about ways to care for your pelvic, vaginal, and womb health?

Our precious wombs hold enormous power ~ from the potential to give life to the capacity for pleasure far beyond our imagination. They also hold centuries of trauma… personal, ancestral, and cultural. We are cultivating a community of women who know how to support themselves and each other in healing that which holds us back from our fully-expressed, glorious feminine radiance and abundance.

What will we be doing?

During this 8hr workshop we will lay a foundation of radical feminine self care methods

that focus on nurturing the health and vitality of the divine

manifestation power of your womb.

* Learn simple and accessible ways to revolutionize your self-care

* Connect with and listen to your body’s deep inner wisdom

* Align your physical structures to create optimum support for your womb

* Restore your sense of Self and Reignite your innate sensuality

* Manifest your desires through intentional practice and meditation

* Strengthen connections in Sacred Sisterhood community

Activities will include:

* Yoga for Women’s Health ~ Pelvis and Sacrum Alignment and Stabilization

* Nurturing Abdominal Massage

* Exercises in Inward Listening and Journaling from your Womb

* Guided Drum Journey to Connect with your Higher Self

* Restorative Manifestation Yoga with Toning and Cocooning practice


~Your Facilitators~


Noelle Austin has a passion for empowering people to heal themselves through alignment based postures, breath and positive thinking. She is a 555 hour International Association of Yoga Therapy Certified (IAYT-C) Therapist and has been teaching since 2009.

Iona Jones is a Craniosacral Therapist, Holistic Life Coach, and the developer and facilitator of a variety of women’s workshops focusing on ritual, conscious communication, and authentic expression. She is a devoted explorer of intimacy and expansion and is passionate about empowering others to find their inner beacon, express their truth, believe in their worth, take responsibility for their choices, embrace their power, and pursue their wildest dreams!


Nurture Your Womb Journey

~ Listen ~ August 13th

~ Cleanse ~ October 8th

~ Empower ~ December 3rd


You may register for one, two, or all three phases of the Nurture Your Womb Journey


Individual Registration: $150 for each workshop

Early-bird Discount: $120 

Register for 

~ Listen ~ by August 6th

~ Cleanse ~ by October 1st

~Empower ~ by November 26th


Register for the full series of 3 phases: $300

ListenCleanse, and Empower ~