Mentorship Program

 An enhanced container of support and personal attention

 facilitating, educating, and empowering you to:

  • Tune Into Your Somatic Awareness  

  • Release Energetic and Emotional Stagnation and Blocks

  • ​Cultivate Your Intuition and Access to Divine Guidance

  • Develop Tools for Authentic Expression and Communication 

  • Process and Integrate Your Healing Growth 


 Are you Ready to Transform?

Soul Sanctuary  Mentorship 

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  Mentorship is a tailored set of self-inquiry experiences designed to optimally support your journey of healing, expansion, and alignment.


My Soul Sanctuary Mentorship Journey is for folx who are committed to their healing growth process. 

I am interested in working deeply one-on-one with individuals who understand that healing is a journey that demands you show up for it, and that you must bring your conscious presence and disciplined awareness to that which you wish to transform.

What many of my mentees have in common is a desire to heal and educate themselves ~

not just for their own individual well-being, but also in order to contribute meaningfully to the healing of our collective communities and culture. This mentorship program is intended to help heal the healers and resource the givers.


 Mentorship offers you an enhanced container of support and personal attention by facilitating, educating, and empowering you to:

Tune Into Your Somatic Awareness  

Artistically and Non-verbally Express and Process 

Release Energetic and Emotional Stagnation and Blocks

​Cultivate Your Intuition and Access to Divine Guidance

Develop Tools for Authentic Expression and Communication 

Process and Integrate Your Healing Growth 

 I draw from an extensive and diverse toolbox of offerings, utilizing techniques and modalities that will meet you where you are currently at in your process and work with what is present while we explore through the layers of your healing depths. I bring over 15 years of education and experience to the table, however our Mentorship Journey is not about me teaching you what I know or how to become more like me... Our focus is on kindling the flame of your own innate wisdom and power. 

Your Mentorship Journey will be a unique blend of somatic psychology practices, 

holistic life coaching, expressive arts meditations, guided journeying, oracle card readings, 

journaling exercises, personal ritual creation, self care practices and energy healing approaches. 

To see a list of all of the modalities I offer 

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What you will get in my 6-month Mentorship program:


  • Twice Monthly Group Mentorship Sessions

Connect with other mentees over Zoom for 2 hour group coaching sessions combining somatic psychology practices, holistic life coaching, expressive arts meditations, guided journeying, oracle card readings, journaling exercises, personal ritual creation, self care practices and energy healing approaches


  • Clarity Tool between each Mentorship Session

Guides you through a self inquiry process to help you reflect on how you are progressing

  • 3 One-on-One Soul Coaching Sessions with Iona 

Receive personalized support throughout your Mentorship to address specific challenges and goals

  • Integrated Growth Support throughout your Mentorship 

I will be available by email and text for you to reach out to me with any questions that may arise,

and I encourage you to share any updates on your experiences with the

practices, challenges, and breakthroughs that you are having

  • Private Peer-Support Group on Facebook

An on-going peer-support Growth Group for present and former mentees 

A place for you to cultivate community with fellow mentees, share your victories and your challenges, hold space for one another, and do accountability partner work.  It is also a platform for ongoing engagement with each other, a place to access the resources that you have to offer one another, to share your unique voices of wisdom and encouragement, and to ask questions and reach out for the support that you need.


 Mentorship is designed as a progressively deepening journey.

Working together through a variety of modalities and over time allows us to deeply address core issues,

shift embedded belief systems, release multiple physical restrictions, alleviate chronic pain, and create new neuro-pathways that support you in creating the experience of life that most enlivens you! 

Throughout the journey you will gain greater clarity, connect with your authentic truth, unwind and release restriction and pain in your physical body, deepen your intuition, and cultivate connection with your inner divine guidance. 

Your Mentorship Journey will guide you towards finding clarity and accessing the answers that are already deep within you. This is a safe space to explore your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing process. It is my delight and honor to support you in being your fullest and most authentic self, to empower you to step out from the shadows of self doubt, and to midwife you through birthing your unique gifts into the world!

NOTE: Space is Limited

I only accept 12 mentees at a time, so that I can devote myself to each one individually



"I loved how you tailored our sessions to my needs.

After getting to know me, something told you that I would really benefit from structured exercises. You made the effort outside of our sessions to find resources, information, exercises and worksheets that we could work on together. I really appreciate that. I learned so much from our mini lessons and exercises. You were able to pick up on my unique learning/growth style and work with it. 

One of the biggest things I took away from our sessions was our continuous work and conversations about boundaries. You helped me understand how to say no without guilt, how to build trust within myself that I WILL say no when I need to, and to be able to say yes with complete freedom, knowing that the power of my no is there. 

One of your strengths as a coach/guide/therapist is that you didn’t worry about me. You believed in me. You could offer me complete empathy. Knowing and feeling my sadness or fear. But at the same time, you believed in me and never felt sorry or worried for me. When sharing my struggles with you, I felt like my struggles were very painful and real. But that they were a normal part of life, I’m going to get through them and even learn and grow from them. Your energy is confident and accepting. I didn’t sense any anxiety from you.

And that created such a safe and solid container for me. 

You’re understanding and not judgmental. 

I loved that you sincerely celebrated my every little success. I felt like you taught me to see the good and strength within myself by really pointing out those qualities in me and showing authentic joy and excitement about them. You gave me permission to celebrate and love myself. You showed me that was okay. 

You’ve been a wonderful role model. I think all young women and girls need a strong role model, and you’ve been that for me. 

I’ve learned to be more compassionate towards myself. To not judge myself so harshly. To even just toss out those judgements from myself and others and say, “who cares?”

You’ve been unbelievably patient, reliable, and supportive. Your expectations have always been realistic, which I really needed. I didn’t have to worry about my progress, if I was getting “better” yet or not, etc. it was okay to have ups and downs. 

I feel like I’m more comfortable with disappointing others if it means being myself. I’m more comfortable setting boundaries and saying no, this isn’t okay with me. I’m more accepting of my mistakes and weaknesses, with having low points. I trust that it’s not all my fault or because I’m bad. That I’m doing my best and I’m capable of moving right along. You helped reinforce the importance of listening to my inner wisdom and voice. You celebrated and encouraged me touching that inner wisdom and guidance. My path and truth.


Even if it’s different from yours or others, you supported my path."

~ Rebecca in Atlanta GA


"My experiences with Iona have been profound, and have facilitated positive growth. 

Iona weaves healing modalities together into a multi-faceted and fluid patchwork fabric. She envelops me in this space of comfort and support, and gently challenges me to elevate to my highest potential through self realization and self care. I am in awe of how much space can be held, from a distance; how much warmth and closeness can be conveyed, even remotely; and how much energy can be transmitted,

even through a virtual conduit. 

Enriched by her understanding of physical, emotional and energetic bodies, Iona is a healing painter with many colors on her palette. She connects with the spirit and ethereal realm to encourage personal reverence and revelation. She also works in grounded reality to affect progress and positive change through attainable and effectual practices. She has offered me practical and creative assignments to integrate the lessons I learn from my body in our sessions.

One of the most profound experiences I’ve had with Iona was a major revelatory opening in my spiritual and physical body- something I have never experienced before, and was not expecting. Through guided meditation, she walked me into my womb space, and led me to pinpoint a poignant moment that had spurred a disconnect I was previously unaware of intellectually, but was affected by intensely physically and emotionally. She encouraged me to communicate with this part of myself- the voice and pain that came through was almost unknown to me, and would have been alarming or overwhelming without her support.


She allowed me to open, and safely walk through a doorway of profound understanding; embarking on a journey of healing, allowing me to begin to repair decades of disconnect and damage.

In each experience, Iona meets me where I am- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She follows a fluid format, listening and attuning as needed in the moment. In each session, she provides an opportunity for me to learn from my body or intuitive self, and offers me ways to integrate that lesson into my daily life.

Our sessions also provide the inspiration and motivation needed to achieve this integration. Iona offers constructive and creative outlets to deepen this work independently. It’s as if she offers a thread in each session, that I can follow towards further self realizations. 

I have been blown away by my experiences, and feel that Iona’s combined healing modalities paired with her caring and attentive approach to coaching are exactly what I have been searching for in a guide. 

Thank you for all you do Iona, I am so blessed to have you in my life as a friend and teacher.

I love you so much!"

~ Ruby in Big Sur CA



"I don't know if I can put into words just how important, deep and meaningful it has been for me to work with Iona in her Soul Sanctuary program.

Since I started the program just 2.5 months ago, my life has completely changed. I'm more on my true path. I'm honoring my body, my needs and my desires more than ever before and a huge part of that is the loving guidance that I've experienced working with Iona.

Her holistic approach of incorporating multiple modalities into her practice as well as letting her intuitive healing gifts guide each session to address body, mind and spirit are truly a gift and help me to know myself more deeply each time. I'm becoming the woman I've always wanted to become and this program came at the "perfect timing" for me and my journey.


Soul Sanctuary has been a stepping stone and helped to anchor me on my path to Allness.

At first I was hesitant to invest money in something so esoteric or non-concrete and intangible, but it's been one of the best lessons I've ever learned -- that investing in yourself is the best investment you can make."


Ashley, in Boone NC



"Living in a college town and modern day US, ridden with systematically-imposed expectations and over-saturation of technology is difficult. There are lots of restraints and false understands of reality that can blur our vision and complicate our inner purpose here on Earth. 


I reached out to Iona because in the midst of chaos and confusion, I felt like she really saw me. Our work together was more than just therapeutic, it was a hard confirmation that my emotions and driving passions are valid and vital to my life force. I felt understood and acknowledged during our sessions. Iona creates a multi-dimensional, safe & liberating space where you can lay down your apprehensions and clutter and delve into soul-satisfying

mental and physical cleansing. 


This experience has helped me to stay grounded in my body & was also helpful in opening up my voice and heart. So grateful for this soul mama!" 

 Elizabeth, in Boone NC


"Right away I felt at ease working with Iona. She held space for me as I tapped in to deep parts of myself that I hadn't been able to reach on my own. She instantly tuned in to what I needed in the moment and held sacred and safe space for me throughout our session. Iona was loving and kind and she met me exactly where I was. I trust her as a partner and guide in 

navigating the deeper waters of my conditioning and beliefs." 

Sarah, in Portland OR


"Iona helped me to hear my inner guidance and be able to fully trust it. I was able to connect with and heal my child-self and to get in touch with dreams long forgotten. Since my session with her, my life has turned around in so many ways. I’ve found my voice, confidence, and my sense of purpose. I can now relax and trust in a way that has created such a sturdy foundation that I feel I can build almost anything upon! 

I will be going back and I recommend her to anyone!"

 Myrriah, in Asheville NC



"With Iona's guidance I was able to communicate with my body and higher self and 

gain insight into how I can strengthen areas of my life that felt abandoned and far away.  

With Iona as a witness I was able to be patient and make space for the deeper wounded 

parts of myself to come forward and see some light. 

I came away with tools I can use to strengthen my relationship with myself and self compassion. 

As a result of our time together I feel much for connected to the expansive qualities of 

my potential and of my life."

 Sara, in Boone NC



"I benefited greatly from my coaching session with Iona.

I got off the call with a renewed fire under my bum and excitement to work with the practices she offered.

In the last few days I have already seen a  shift in my attitude and perspective.

The concerns I brought up have been lingering for years, and something truly clicked while I was with her on that call. I feel like I am looking with new eyes into resolutions."

Lori, in Asheville NC



"I love how Iona created a sacred space and a clear intention for the session. 

I really felt her deep listening and positive supportive presence caring about me and my process.

I appreciated the non-judgemental, non-prescriptive approach that didn't attempt to "fix" but rather 

explored where I was at in the moment. It was healing just to have someone there listening and supportive who had no particular agenda or attachment to the outcome. 


She asked me thoughtful questions that helped to cultivate meaningful direction, gain clarity out of the experience, and make positive movement forward through accepting and integrating my emotions.


A little support goes a long way when processing deep and important life issues." 

 Caressa, in Homer AK



"Iona helped me to create actionable steps on my path of healing, I was able to let go of energetic stagnation, and now I am shining bright!

Iona’s energy and words created a safe space for me to become vulnerable, which was exactly what I needed. At the end of my session, I felt clarity and a strong sense of grounding within myself. 

The mantra that came up during our session is already gently guiding me as I move forward. 

Thank you!!"

 Rebecca, in Los Angeles CA



“Iona was able to get to the root of my struggle, 

help me re-frame my thinking, and look at things in a different light. 

I could tell she was really getting me somewhere because I was a little defensive and combative at times and that lets me know that there is really something in my way.

I feel like I gained a new perspective on my goals during my session with Iona, and I have already changed my self talk and self work around the issues I brought up.

That is truly invaluable."

Grace, in Big Sur CA