Now offering Distance Healing Craniosacral Therapy


What is Distance Healing? 

Distance Healing is a powerful energy-work modality and a wonderful way to receive a session in the comfort and safety of your own home. 

  • Calm anxiety-ridden situations ~ by settling your nervous system so you can face whatever challenges come up fully resourced, centered, and grounded.

  • Clarify your best next steps ~ so instead of feeling confused and overwhelmed, you’re able to see a way forward feeling calm, cool and relaxed.

  • Awaken your body’s innate healing wisdom ~ so it naturally organizes to fight any health challenge … whether it’s physical, mental or emotional.



Clicking the button above will take you to PayPal, where you can enter the sliding scale amount that is suitable for you.

Please keep in mind that sliding scale rates are intended to help make this offering accessible to those who can't afford to pay full price.

Once payment is received,  a Registration Confirmation email will be

sent to the email address used to submit payment.

A reminder email will be sent 48hrs before the workshop with the link to join via Zoom 

 A note on cultural appropriation:

As a person of Celtic heritage, these ways are a part of my ancestral lineage and my personal journey. 

In this course, I welcome people of any background and invite you to learn and respect these ancient traditions. I also invite inquiry into your own lineage history, and encourage everybody to find their own unique ways of connecting with the Earth, on whom we all rely. 

And the BEST part is... You get ALL of this for

a one-time Mentorship Investment of only $1444


     120 minutes: $200

Enough time to address more serous issues, chronic pain, and to focus on unwinding several areas of tension and/or stuck energy. Can be combined with Integrative Bodywork.

     90 minutes: $150

Long enough to delve into some more serious issues, address overall balance and well-being, and focus on a particular area. Can be combined with Integrative Bodywork.

    60 minutes: $100
Always seems a little short. Just enough time to settle the nervous system, assess overall well-being, and determine a treatment plan. 

Pricing will range depending on location

My base rate for designing and facilitating a 3 day one-on-one Personalized Intensive Retreats is $1200

(excluding accommodations and optional catered meals)

Sacred Self care notes

Commitment to the full series will also establish a core group of bonded sisters, building trust

and sharing support on an on-going journey. 

Class size is limited to 6 total participants, allowing us to offer you individualized

attention, adjustments, and care. 

Each class will include organic herbal tea blends made especially to

support the systems we are working with.

Iona Jones is a Craniosacral Therapist, Holistic Life Coach, and the developer and facilitator of a variety of women’s workshops focusing on ritual, conscious communication, and authentic expression. She is a devoted explorer of intimacy and expansion and is passionate about empowering others to find their inner beacon, express their truth, believe in their worth, take responsibility for their choices, embrace their power, and pursue their wildest dreams! 

Noelle Austin is a 555 hr. Certified Yoga Therapist through The International Association of Yoga Therapy and the creator of Soul Singing Alignment. She’s been teaching Iyengar-based yoga since 2009 and practicing many forms of yoga since she was a little girl. Noelle has continued her studies with different teachers on the therapeutic applications of Yoga and the organ systems, back care, mental health, joint care, and women's health. She is also performing artist who enjoys helping all people feel welcome in the world through an adaptive, holistic and playful approach. Her classes are catered to the individuals in them, with demonstrations, detailed instructions, and a welcoming heart. Please feel free to contact her with any questions or concerns. ~

Here is an example of what a Personalized Intensive Retreat could look like: 


Friday afternoon

arrive at the sanctuary location, unpack and get settled in


4pm ~ Session 1

Receive an Integrative Bodywork/Craniosacral session


6pm ~ catered dinner 


7pm ~ Session 2

Opening ceremony, Overview of our weekend, and Setting Intentions 


8pm ~ retire to bed, time to journal, ritual bath, etc



optional morning activities (based on location) may include hiking, hot springs, yoga


9am ~ catered breakfast 


10am ~ Session 3

Pelvic Floor Awakening Exercises, Chi Gong, 

Centering and Awareness Meditation


12pm ~ Session 4

Yoni Egg Instruction and Practice


1pm ~ break for catered lunch and mid-day rest


3pm ~ Session 5

Energetic Awakening and Healing Practice, Breathwork, Expressive Arts Exercise 


6pm ~ catered dinner 


8pm ~ Session 6

Internal Awakening and Healing Practice, Integration, Sharing 


9pm ~ retire to bed, time to journal, ritual bath, etc



optional morning activities (based on location) may include hiking, hot springs, yoga


10am ~ catered breakfast


11am ~ Session 7

Mayan Abdominal Massage and Yoni Steam Cleansing Ceremony 


1pm ~ catered lunch 


3pm ~ Session 8

Inner Beacon Coaching Session, Oracle Card Reading, Closure


4pm ~ end of scheduled sessions, relax and enjoy your afternoon, take time for journaling integration

Oh! This spring has filled me up with so much inspiration and motivation ~ I have been buzzing like a bumble bee, creating new workshop curriculums, deigning new retreats, getting my graphic design hat on and working to update my website and marketing materials, and lots of travel, travel, travel! 


I just got back from facilitating a Consent, Communication, and Connection workshop at the Mountain Music Festival in West Virginia (see pics below) and have been asked to come back again next year with a whole team of "Consent Comrades" to create a 24/7 Cuddle Lounge space in the festival grounds where people can come for safe cuddle space, on-going discussions about consent and intimacy, Authentic Relating exercises, mindfulness meditations and yoga! 


Authentic Relating Game nights in Boone got off to a great start in February ~ we had 30 people show up at our house for the first one! ~ and have been happening monthly since then. We are growing a beautiful community of folks who want to share deeply authentic interactions, enhance their conscious communication skills, and show up with honesty, integrity, and vulnerability. In these ways we can all heal, witness, share, and grow together! 


I am super excited to be attending Compassion Camp at the end of this month ~ an NCV intensive retreat held at Earth Haven Ecovillage in Black Mountain, NC. I'm sure I'm going to come back from that with lots of juicy new experiences and tools to share with you!!! 


Now... what I'm REALLY excited to tell you about... 


A lot of my clients come to me from other cities, because there is no one offering these opportunities for healing in their own community. This is a challenge for some because of the travel distance and logistics. Recently, I've had several long-distance clients express that their desire is to do multiple healing sessions with me, but they feel daunted by those logistical factors. So.... I came up with a solution! And I am SO excited about it! 


I am now offering Personalized Intensive Retreats ~ a custom-designed ritual retreat offering one-on-one activities, sessions, and services. Personal intensives are an individualized immersive experience that will meet you where you are at and guide you towards where you want to be.

weekend workshop that is designed especially for you, to incorporate multiple sessions and modalities over a period of time that allows for deep work, process time, and integration, in a beautiful retreat location that enables you to fully relax and embrace the experiences without any logistical worries. 

02:30 PM

* Please request your ideal date and time and I will respond with my availability. 

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