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"I was in the grip of traumatic grief when I met Iona. The kind of devastating grief that is coupled with betrayal. If you allow it, Iona will tune you right in to what your Higher Self wants to tell you. I would have said it was all mumbo-jumbo two years ago, but after having gone through subsequent losses

(three family deaths in nine months), I am now utilizing Iona's strength of mind and magnificent touch to aid my spirit in reaching a plane of peace I never thought possible. Use Iona as a sister, a channel for the Universe to speak to you, or simply the shoulder to cry on when you have no one.

Her mind, spirit and touch helped me survive."

 Tina in Boone, NC


"The day before my first massage therapy session with Iona,

I dug a ditch and buried a drainage pipe, hung eight pictures and built shelves for my shed, all at my cabin in Boone. For someone of my age, I overdid it and was feeling aches and pains all over my body.


When I visited Iona, she asked how I was feeling and what hurt. I explained that mostly everything was hurting. She then gave me the 90-minute massage of a lifetime. Somehow she found every sore spot in my head, neck, shoulders, back, legs and feet. Her intuition in finding those spots and healing them with her touch was uncanny, as though she could feel what I was feeling.


The whole time I was with her, I felt safe and comfortable. She wrapped me in her magic hands and cast out all the pain devils as though she knew exactly where they were.

While she provided her healing to my aching body, her heart and soul reached out to me, too.

I left her that day feeling 20 years younger, physically and emotionally.

She is surely an angel."

 D in Boone, NC

"Right away I felt at ease working with Iona. She held space for me as I tapped in to deep parts of myself that I hadn't been able to reach on my own. She instantly tuned in to what I needed in the moment and held sacred and safe space for me throughout our session. Iona was loving and kind and she met me exactly where I was.

I trust her as a partner and guide in navigating the

deeper waters of my conditioning and beliefs." 

 Sarah in Oregon 

“Iona was able to get to the root of my struggle, help me re-frame my thinking, and look at things in a different light. I could tell she was really getting me somewhere because I was a little defensive and combative at times and that lets me know that there is really something in my way.

I feel like I gained a new perspective on my goals during my session with Iona, and I have already changed my self talk and self work around the issues I brought up.

That is truly invaluable."

Grace in California

"I benefitted greatly from my coaching session with Iona. I got off the call with a renewed fire under my bum and excitement to work with the practices she offered. In the last few days I have already seen a shift in my attitude and perspective. The concerns I brought up have been lingering for years, and something truly clicked while I was with her on that call. 

I feel like I am looking with new eyes into resolutions."

 Lori in Asheville, NC




"I love how Iona created a sacred space and a clear intention for our coaching  session. I really felt her deep listening and positive supportive presence caring about me and my process.

I appreciated the non-judgemental, non-prescriptive approach that didn't attempt to "fix" but rather explored where I was at in the moment.

It was healing just to have someone there listening and supportive who had

no particular agenda or attachment to the outcome. 

She asked me thoughtful questions that helped to cultivate meaningful direction, gain clarity out of the experience, and make positive movement forward through accepting and integrating my emotions. A little support goes a long way when processing deep and important life issues."


 Caressa in Alaska 




"Coaching with Iona helped me to create actionable steps on my path of healing, 

I was able to let go of energetic stagnation, and now I am shining bright! 

Iona’s energy and words created a safe space for me to become vulnerable, which was exactly what I needed. At the end of my session, I felt clarity and a strong sense of grounding within myself. 

The mantra that came up during our session is already gently guiding me as I move forward. Thank you!!"


 Rebecca in California 




"I've taken both workshops from Iona and had private sessions with her.

Iona has experience, knowledge, and so much passion around the subjects she facilitates,

but more importantly she is always herself; authentic and open and willing to grow and be seen.

This capacity keeps her workshops vibrant and full of life and evolving for all involved.

Iona's workshops are always such a lovely combination of personal soul discovery, community bonding, and safe sacred space.

I want to say that in my private sessions with Iona, she has helped me connect so fully with my core self, that I was able to heal a year long physical injury in a single hour. It felt miraculous and magical."

 Michelle in Asheville, NC

"I've been taking private sessions with Iona for a few months now and I'd definitely recommend her.

She's got a strong resume of education in a variety of healing modalities from some of the best sources around the world, but more importantly you can tell that she's done the work in her own personal life for herself. She really shows up in her work with full acceptance for her clients, a sense of honoring whatever is, and real love. She’s at her best when tapping into that cosmic flow of the moment’s needs, and I find that she’s exceptionally good at this, especially on an energetic level. Any healer worth their head in salt will try to do this, but it's kind of rare to find a healer who actually does it well! I don't think she advertises herself as such, but to me Iona is a true North American shaman. Didn’t know they still existed, huh? Yuppp"

 D in Asheville, NC

"Iona is a rare gem. Full of vitality, life, and radiance as well as integrity, compassion, clarity, and earthiness. We are lucky to have her in our community. Her strength is supporting all beings to awaken to pleasure, delight, and source. We need her. And more of her."

 Lee in Asheville, NC

"Iona facilitated a weekend workshop in Atlanta recently, and I was able to attend a session for

Authentic Relating and a Snuggle Sanctuary.

The two experiences worked together to allow me to experience openness with other people

one-on-one while working on my anxieties. I was nervous about meeting total strangers and what might happen, or maybe nothing would happen and that'd feel worse!

But the progression Iona led us through allowed me to face and work through the jitters and the self-doubts in a very honest way. I thought I got what consent was about before this, but I really, really didn't. Being very clear and asking specifically for what I want was something I believed I had been doing, but after these sessions I felt I was previously wandering and bumbling.

During the sessions, I found myself listening and sharing honestly, with no fear of humiliation or rejection, and I enjoyed sharing vulnerable space and time knowing that the people who were with me gave their consent and solicited my consent. The bliss and contentment afterwards have been persistent.


More than that, I already feel a lot more confident and assured of myself, because there's less assumptions to make this way. I have already begun a habit to ask specifically for what I want and ensure consent is clearly given, especially as situations change.

I have more courage to be who I want to be, and I'm further encouraged to want who I am.

Iona is genuine."

 C in Atlanta, GA




"lona is so beautifully engaged with everyone in her workshop. You can tell this is her calling, her passion, her life's work to guide us to fullness and healing."


 Leahanne in North Carolina 

"I had the pleasure of taking one of Iona’s workshops. She is a remarkably gifted facilitator in her capacity to create a safe space, impart information as well as honor/respect the

individual needs of everyone in the room. The work that she does so needed in the world today and her ability to deliver that work is a gift to us all."


 Rebecca in Atlanta, GA




"[The Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing Retreat] is the safest and most healing workshop I have ever been to. While so much of that was because of the co-creation of healing created between female attendees, I believe any group at any time would be this safe and healing because of who the facilitators are and how they live and breathe their work.

Thank you Iona and Amrita. ​

This work is for everyone. Don’t hesitate, just attend and trust. The healing to cost ratio of this workshop is a no-brainer. You can’t put a price on the kind of internal change that happens inside each attendee. I was equally moved by my own healing and witnessing others heal.


When I told my friend I would be a different person after this workshop,

I knew it was true before even arriving.

What I couldn’t have known is how different I would be. ​


I no longer feel ashamed of my sexuality, afraid of abandonment, scared to share platonic touch with strangers and friends, or unworthy of love, touch, healthy sexuality, and healing. 


Go To This Workshop! I’ll see you at the next one." 

 Mercer in Boone, NC




"Living in a college town and modern day US, ridden with systematically-imposed expectations and oversaturation of technology is difficult. There are lots of restraints and false understands of reality that can blur our vision and complicate our inner purpose here on Earth.


I reached out to Iona because in the midst of chaos and confusion, I felt like she really saw me. Our work together was more than just therapeutic, it was a hard confirmation that my emotions and driving passions are valid and vital to my life force. I felt understood and acknowledged during our sessions. Iona creates a multi-dimensional, safe & liberating space where you can lay down your apprehensions and clutter and delve into soul-satisfying mental and physical cleansing.


This experience has helped me to stay grounded in my body & was also helpful in opening up my voice and heart. So grateful for this soul mama!"

 Elizabeth in Boone, NC




"Afternoon Delight was a growth opportunity in a safe and nourishing environment. It might seem to be "out of your comfort zone" but in fact your capacity to feel comfortable is greater than you think."

 KL in Atlanta, GA




"[At Snuggle Sanctuary] I felt such joy being with Iona and the other participants.

I felt acceptance and love. I feel I learned so much about myself and the experience is one that I hope to repeat many many times."

 Jessica in Atlanta, GA




"Iona is a genuine and trustworthy facilitator. She is brilliant at knowing how to make people feel comfortable, empowered, and welcome. I highly recommend her workshops and look forward to someday experiencing her one-on-one work as well!"

 Lisa in Asheville, NC




"Iona Jones' energy and presence are deeply supportive in co-creating safe brave spaces where we can grow and thrive."

 R in Asheville, NC

"Iona has the rare and exceptional gift as a facilitator to hold the energy of the room in sacred and safe space. She is positive, authentic, and open-hearted in a way that draws you out to connect to the group and to yourself on a deeper level. I highly recommend everything she does!"

 Ionsul in Asheville, NC




"I have attended Iona's events and she is a very gifted facilitator, leader, and healer. She attends to all the event participants with great care and attention. She has the unique gift of participating fully and diving into herself, and then also being aware of how others in the room are feeling.

I highly recommend Iona and her work."

 J in Chapel Hill, NC




"The cuddle sanctuary is a wonderful way to gradually and gently open up at your own pace to consentually touching others physically and emotionally, and in doing so get to know oneself in a deeper way."

 D in Boone, NC




"I have attended quite a few workshops with Iona and have had a private session with her as well.

I have walked away from all of those experiences feeling that I had learned more about myself as well as those around me. Iona is a breath of fresh air,

I highly recommend the experience to all!"

 S in Boone, NC