Rituals in rhythm


A series of virtual community gatherings inspired by ancient and living Earth-based traditions

As we embark into this new year of 2021, my intention is to live in a way that is more attuned to the cycles and rhythms of nature, and to allow myself to be guided by my internal compass and intuitive wisdom. It can be hard to find this rhythm, or listen to this inner guidance, when the pace of life is so loudly dictated by societal demands and expectations. It takes a bit of a rebel spirit to shed the confines and the pressures of this artificial way of life that has become so "normal" to us. Yet if you ~ like me, feel a new way of being beckoning to you, then finding it is as easy as pausing to feel the Earth beneath your feet. 


I invite you to come with me on a journey, to periodically pause with me to tune into the Earth's seasonal energies, and to come back into that quiet communion with our inner wisdom. 


In this series of online workshops, we will focus on traditions and living practices honoring the phases of Earth's energy throughout the year. We will learn about sacred celebrations associated with each seasonal cycle, as well as rituals, crafts, dances, songs, and other activities that will invite us to honor and connect with the Earth for the regeneration and healing of our individual and collective lives. 

Our exploration schedule will be based on the eight seasonal Celtic festivals ~ the four Quarter Points and the four Cross Quarter Celebrations ~ tuning into the ancient wisdom of living in rhythm with the cycles of the seasons. 


Imbolc  ~  Spring Equinox/Ostara  ~  Beltane  ~  Summer Solstice/Litha   
Lammas  ~  Autumn Equinox/Mabon  ~  Samhain ~ Winter Solstice/Yule


First up is Imbolc, the Celebration of the Divine Spark of Inspiration and the Festival of Earth Awakening! That sounds exciting, doesn't it?! 


Imbolc celebrates the reawakening earth and the potential of manifestation inherent at this time. The first of the cross-quarter festivals, Imbolc is an opportunity for us to use the developing energy of a new season. At this time it is important that we learn to listen to our intuitive selves and reflect upon the inner wisdom that we have gained through the winter months, as we move into the more active phase of the year. 


So join me on Sunday January 31st for a 2-hr online workshop where we will dive deep into the energy of Imbolc ~ learning about its history and traditions, as well as discovering practical ways to incorporate being in conscious relationship with this season of the year through daily practices, reflection questions, and meditative activities that will harness the potency of being attuned to the reawakening energy of Earth.

Dancing in Rhythm ~ workshop 1 ~ Imbolc

Sunday, January 31st

3pm-5pm EST

on Zoom

Sliding scale $10 ~ $40

I'm looking forward to dancing into Imbolc with you!