Nurture Your Womb Journey

~ Listen ~

first in a Three Phase Journey facilitated by  

Iona Jones and Noelle Austin

Sunday August 13th

10am ~ 6pm  Boone, NC 

* Do you desire to cultivate a conscious connection with your body?

* Would you like a deeper relationship with your sensual/sexual/creative self?

* Are you curious about ways to care for your pelvic, vaginal, and womb health?


Our precious wombs hold enormous power ~ from the potential to give life to the capacity for pleasure far beyond our imagination. They also hold centuries of trauma… personal, ancestral, and cultural. We are cultivating a community of women who know how to support themselves and each other in healing that which holds us back from our fully-expressed, glorious feminine radiance and abundance.

What will we be doing?

During this 8hr workshop we will lay a foundation of radical feminine self care methods that focus on nurturing the health and vitality of the divine

manifestation power of your womb.

* Learn simple and accessible ways to revolutionize your self-care

* Connect with and listen to your body’s deep inner wisdom

* Align your physical structures to create optimum support for your womb

* Restore your sense of self and reignite your innate sensuality

* Manifest your desires through intentional practice and meditation

* Strengthen connections in sacred sisterhood community

Nurture Your Womb Journey

Listen ~ August 13th

Cleanse ~ October 8th

Empower ~ December 3rd


You may register for one, two, or all three phases of the Nurture Your Womb Journey

To register, visit